Tuesday, December 28, 2010

He loves her...

When Cadence was around 18 months old, I started getting the itch to try for another baby. We were happy as a family of three, but I always knew I wanted to have more than one child. I also never felt like we were "complete" as a family. Due to different issues (including a devastating miscarriage that led to the start of this blog, Henry did not come into our lives until February 25, 2008.

He and Cadence are just shy of being 4 years apart. Being 4 years apart and being male and female, I did not expect them to be so close. However, they are incredibly close! I've had people make comments on how I probably wished my son was first so he could protect my daughter. Are you kidding me? First of all, I have no doubt that Cadence will hurt anyone who attempts to hurt her brother! Secondly, she has been a miniature mommy since the minute he was born (she was present for his birth).

Over the events of the last year, I feel like they have grown even closer. Four months ago they started sharing a room and they love it. It is rare that Cadence complains about not having anyone to play with or not being able to play with Henry. As much as Cadence adores Henry, he worships her. Our route to school and work is set up where Cadence is dropped off and picked up first. On the few occasions that Henry and I did not pick Cadence up immediately after I picked him up, Henry has cried for his sister.

Today, I took Cadence to my aunt's house to spend the night with her cousin. When it was time to leave, we said goodbye to Cadence and went out to the car. Henry started saying "Cadence in there mom" over and over as if he though I was forgetting her. The whole drive home he alternated between crying for Cadence and reminding me that we left her there. Once we got home, he was very melancholy. Throughout the evening, right up until he fell asleep, he kept asking "Where's Cadence?". I feel bad for him because I know he is so sad with her being gone. But it is also good for both of them, because they need to get to do their own things too. At the end of the day, it warms my heart to know how close my kiddos are. I love knowing that no matter what happens in their lives, they have each other. I can only hope that they continue to be as close and stay close as adults.

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